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STRING COLLECTION            ● Did the Amazons wear a torc neck ring in the decisive battles? With a stretched bow string, ready for victory ... The string becomes a chord, the bow - a harp, the battle cry of the string turns into music ... Something like the intervals in Dorian mode, which we know provoked trance and were a taboo outside periods of inevitable war (P. Zmiycharov). And the gun is still a weapon ...  The collection refers to the symbolic Celtic jewelry torc of the Iron Age. The idea of ​​creating an original torc from an inox rope "binds history and chrome" with the symbolism of power and strength in rivalry.  Indeed, Cassius wrote that the Celtic Queen Boudicca went into battle wearing nothing but a “big necklace of twisted gold” (which was a torc tight-fitted around the neck). Worn with or without clothes, the torc is a symbol of strength, nobility, and social status. The massive ends of the torc press certain meridian points on the body, which has a psycho-somatic effect.    ● Formally, the C-shaped form of the torc is a stylized Moon-crescent. This is a symbol of female energy and its aspects: intuition, metamorphosis, emotion, creation, transformation ...

... and do  the  Amazons  of  today  play  the viola?

Contemporary Jewelry / String collection

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