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TIMBER  PATCHWORK  COLLECTION                ● The collection appeals  with the defenseless beauty of the wood growth rings, without slogans. The jewel objects have been created conceptually from recycled timber wood from all over the world, tightened and cut according to a storz principle across the flader. The colorful mosaic of nuances and structures unfolds a part of this fantasy of nature. The timber patchwork carries the idea of ​​the UNIVERSAL TREE. Trees produce oxygen with no limited working hours and create a protected ecosystem under their crown. The "cutting out" of oxygen is murderous, a drive towards death. The desert is expanding ... with every manufactured sheet of paper. Birds do not nest in the stumps of cut-off trees, and nothing can stop the rush of the winds.  ● How does man treat the 100,000 representatives of tree species? And if there was only one tree for all people?

© 2018 by Elitsa Baramó

Contemporary Jewelry / Timber Patchwork collection

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